About us




Bitmapboogie is a Digital Creative Agency working in the fields of interactive & motion design.
Our spectrum includes functional design solutions for Web- /Screen- & App Projects, interactive marketing & display campaigns, animation & film (2D & 3D), TV Commercials, didactic »How To« movies and immersive installations for events and exhibitons.

We are an interdisciplinary team of passionate visual designers and experienced digital conceptioners who love both analog & digital media approaches. It is a place where inventive technology and the visual arts are combined in perfect interplay. That’s what we call Visual Engineering.

Bitmapboogie is working for a broad variety of clients, such as start ups, retailers, film & tv production companies, advertising agencies and cultural institutions.




The team

Stephan Ecks

CEO.Creative Director
focus: motion & design, concept, sneakers, lecturing

Since 10 years lecturer in the fields of Motion Graphics & Animation, Digital Media & Concept Development.

Lukas von Bülow

CEO.Creative Director
focus: motiongraphics, videomapping, sunshine&music

Julia Bajohr

Junior Art Director
focus: motiongraphics, animation

Thomas Gronle

Diplom Communication Designer & Diplom Comic Artist

Since 1998 IIllustration, Comic, Character-, Game- and Animation Design, Info Graphic, Comic Book Publishing, Teaching and Workshops.

Roman Schönbichler

Composer & Sound Designer
focus: giving each and every picture the perfect sound

Working in the field of music and sound for over 20 years and still not a little bit silent.

Rouven Laurien

Senior Developer | Technical Director
focus: frontend development, interactions, animations

Over 10 years of experience in the process of advanced digital production for web, mobile and everything in between. With sense of design and passion for interactive experiences.

Utku Önal

Motion Director
focus: Design, Direction & Animation

Over 10 years of experience in the Motion Design industry. 2 times Best Animation Award Winner, Ren&Stimpy fan.

Christian Mertens
Sebastian Purfürst

Communication Designer M.A. & AudioVisual Explorer
focus: AudioVisual Concepts, Music Composition, Editing, Grading

Video artist and musician working in commercial, artistic and academic settings for new media. Particularly focused on the intersection between audio and visual perception and engineering a strong connection between the two.

Jörn Kaspuhl
Uli Buder

Motion, 3D & Sound Design
University of Applied Sciences, FHP, Potsdam, Germany
Focus: Motion, Editing & 3D Design