About us




Bitmapboogie is a Digital Creative Agency working in the fields of interactive & motion design.
Our spectrum includes functional design solutions for Web- /Screen- & App Projects, interactive marketing & display campaigns, animation & film (2D & 3D), TV Commercials, didactic »How To« movies and immersive installations for events and exhibitons.

We are an interdisciplinary team of passionate visual designers and experienced digital conceptioners who love both analog & digital media approaches. It is a place where inventive technology and the visual arts are combined in perfect interplay. That’s what we call Visual Engineering.

Bitmapboogie is working for a broad variety of clients, such as start ups, retailers, film & tv production companies, advertising agencies and cultural institutions.




The team

Stephan Ecks

Dipl. Communication Designer
focus: motion & design, concept, sneakers, lecturing

since 10 years lecturer in the fields of Motion Graphics & Animation, Digital Media & Concept Development

Lukas von Bülow

Designer M.A.
focus: motiongraphics, videomapping, sunshine&music

Uli Buder

Motion, 3D & Sound Design
University of Applied Sciences, FHP, Potsdam, Germany
Focus: Motion, Editing & 3D Design

Roman Schönbichler

Sound Engineer
Delivers custom made Sound Designs, Compositions and Production Services to fit the customer's individual needs.